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Online Goju Ryu Karate Classes with the Karate Spouses

online goju ryu karate classes

After numerous emails and comments on our channel, as well as a growing need for online access for all our students that have moved away, we have decided to set up weekly online karate classes! Our classes will begin Saturday the 3rd of August 2024.

These will be one hour a week to start - if we see there's enough demand to justify a separate junior and senior class, we will definitely expand. But for now, we are giving this a try and seeing how it grows.

Online karate is definitely not the same as training in the dojo with us, but it is ideal for a number of reasons:

  • Geography: Goju Ryu isn't as common as other styles, and some people live in remote places but would love to train in our specific style. Our online Goju Ryu classes are open to everyone, from South Africa to the US to Australia!

  • Time: by training in your home, you can get straight to training rather than dealing with traffic. Ideal for parents who are struggling to carve out a little time for their own karate journey, or for families with hectic weeks.

  • Cost: our online karate classes are just R350/$20 a month, working out to about $5 a lesson.

  • No pressure: for those who struggle with large classes, overstimulation, or who just want to train in the privacy of their own home without feeling like they can't keep up with the rest of the class, this is like having your own tiny dojo in your home.


Saturdays at 12:30pm CAT | 06:30am EDT | 4:oopm IST | 8:30pm AEST

If you're interested, great! Drop us an email below to sign up and arrange payment, and we'll send you the Google Hangouts link.

We look forward to seeing you in our digital dojo for online Goju Ryu!

online goju ryu karate classes with the karate spouses

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The Sensei make you feel like you are part of a family. The classes help physically and mentally. Routine development and coordination.

We love our dojo and will forever be part of the family.


Mia Waterson
Mia Waterson

Talking from experience it is hard for us as a family to always attend all the classes as we need to cater for our son and the timeslots for classes don't always align to our favor. These classes will definitely improve our karate journey and prepare us even more for when we are in class. Lovely idea and looking forward to it!

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