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Our Mission Statement, Vision and Goals

Our Mission Statement

To provide karate classes to specific groups meeting the individual karate-ka's developmental needs, and cultivating an understanding of Budo (the martial way).


By having classesthat are focussed on the specific needs of the karate-ka, which is further reinforced by seminars (gasshuku), grading and competition.


For Pre Karate-Do (5-7 years), Youth Karate-Do (8-13 years) and Karate-Do (teens and adults) and extended into the rest of the family unit in self defense courses and ladies classes.


Our Vision

To maximise the growth of each student  physically, emotionally and cognitively through the study of Traditonal Okinawan Karate-Do. Thus creating a more well-rounded, adjusted and balanced person who leads a balanced healthy lifestyle.



-To improve the quality of the Karate-Do being practiced within the dojo.

-To cultivate Self Defense Knowledge to the entire family through ladies courses and self defense courses.

-To improve commitment level of the karate-ka and their participation in events.

-To promote a better understanding of Karate-Do to the greater dojo community, encouraging family  participation.

-To develop the dojo's "e'spirt de corps".

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